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Dr. Bianca Zaffarano: Graduated from Iowa State University in 1986. Proud owner of the clinic and member of the Pennyroyal team. Three children, Jan, Luke. Alex, all SCAPA attendees. Nick, patient and supportive husband, professor at UK, and a household of animals.  

Dr.Walker is a 2002 graduate of Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine. She is originally from Calvert City, KY, and graduated from Transylvania University in 1997.

She currently shares her home with 3 dogs, 2 cats, 2 Senegal parrots, an Amazon parrot, and 2 guinea pigs. Jennifer and husband Chris are expecting their first baby in late November. This will be our first human “Pennyroyal” baby!! Dr. Walker brings to the practice a fresh enthusiasm, a wonderful “bedside manner” in her communication skills, and a deep devotion to animals and their well-being. We are very lucky to have her back in our midst!
Carla Houghton: Client Care Coordinator. Carla's sparkling countenance came to us with 11 years of management experience, only now instead of a business full of men, she has to deal with only women! She has two boys, and is married to Jeff Houghton. We are slowly filling her household with needy animals!
Donna Ross: Practice Manager. Donna is married to surgeon Dr. James Ross, whose practice she helped manage for many years. Donna is the proud grandma of 3 beautiful kids, and not only takes care of all of us, but all of her three dozen or so domestic and wild rehabilitating critters.
Kathy Treadway: Kathy is our newest team member and we are delighted to have her! You will see her smiling face when she greets you at the reception desk. Kathy comes to us with over 15 years of reception experience . She fosters cats. and presently shares her home with many felines awaiting adoption.

Terri Wasson: If Terri had a dollar for each time her name was called. she could retire early! Terri assists in all zones in the hospital. Terri has had extensive experience at Woodford Humane Society and in animal control before joining our team. You will see her often (and hear her name called frequently!) when you visit us. She owns a pack of little (the ones that just THINK they're big) dogs and has many interests.

(Ask her about what it's like to be a disc jockey!!)

  Carol Short is the kennel technician. She joined our team in October, is a graduate of Nash Academy of Animal Arts and is a certified dog groomer. She lives with her two sons, Sammy and Matthew and their cat Misty.
  Mary Atwood is our newest licensed technician. She is a graduate of Morehead State University, the proud owner of a three year old Boston Terrier and numerous rodents.

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